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    As a business in Edmonton Alberta, your time and your capital are your two greatest assets. Edmonton is a very competitive market, and to stand out above your competition in such a competitive Market may prove to be very difficult. That is where Social Hero Media comes in.

    Our mission is to help you to maximize both by getting your name on the map and keeping it there. By custom building a marketing strategy specific to your business, we ensure that your voice is being heard above the din – turning strangers into paying customers.

    We keep our minds on your marketing so that you can focus on making your business work for you. SEO management is essentially the art of using search engine algorithms to attract customers. The strategic use of keywords or keyword phrases can place your website on the first page of popular search engines, which in turn increases your visibility.

    Our search engine marketing service first identifies the popular keywords that are relevant to your market and then using them in your marketing strategy in order to help you reach the right audience and to increase the return on your marketing investment.

    Proper SEO management means the difference between being a ghost and being the most-searched organization in your domain. Our SEO experts have studied the methods, strategies, and algorithms of the most-used search engines to place your company at the top of any search engine page.

    Being seen means being sought-after. Stop wasting time. Let us get the results that will impact your business. We provide accurate and reliable search engine ranking data and keyword insights to our valued clients.

    Save countless hours of time by letting us manage your SEO monitoring, track local rankings, research competitors, and find the best keywords. Search Engine Optimization Having a functional website jam-packed with attractive content is only half the battle.

    In order for anybody to see all of that beautiful content, your website needs to be optimized to show up in search engine results. With a website that is easy to find, you have a better chance of visitors turning into paying customers.

    Proper SEO management will increase your rankings on search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing, bringing more traffic to your website. Search Engine Marketing Search engine marketing, or SEM, is the most effective way of reaching out to customers who are looking for your product or service.


    SEM is a means of paid advertising of your website through Google Adwords and pay per click platforms. This enables us to place your ads in front of people who are already looking for you, and are more likely to purchase your product or service.

    Content Marketing

    Content Marketing From ideation to design and development to the seeding of infographics, Social Hero Media has a content marketing team dedicated to creating unique and engaging content aimed at organically drawing consumers to your brand. Our content marketing creates sales opportunities, improves your SEO rankings and creates a higher conversion rate for your website while staying true to your core brand message.

    Local SEO

    Even global brands need to be seen by their local audience. Local SEO With the rise of smartphone technology and all of the information on the world wide web just a finger tap away, local search results are changing more rapidly than any other result. What this really means is that you need your SEO content to be optimized for local exposure, something that we can definitely help you with.

    Keyword Research

    Relevant keywords are like SEO magic when it comes to attracting paying customers to your brand. Our search engine marketing service starts by identifying the keywords and keyword phrases that are the most searched for by your target audience. Trust us, this is a crucial component to carefully targeting your campaign and generating the highest return possible on your investment.

    There isn’t a more competitive marketplace in the world than the digital marketplace. This new digitally-driven age enables us to reach out to potential customers from the comfort of our living room sofas late at night, whereas we used to have to hit the pavement to sell our brands. While this is convenient, it also means that every other brand out there is benefiting from the same abilities. The only way to get a leg up is to carefully analyze the strengths and weaknesses of your competition in order to reveal better opportunities for yourself.

    Our professional search engine optimization team takes care of the analysis for you in order to help you develop strategies to keep you on top of the competition. A winning content strategy makes you look good. It makes your website look good and it makes your social media look good. But none of that matters if nobody sees it.

    Having proper content is the key to search engine success, since places like Yahoo, Google and Bing are constantly searching every nook and cranny of the internet for new and unique content. Because of this, good copywriting not only increases your rankings but it also helps to convert your visitors into paying customers.

    Our professional writers are devoted to producing professional, unique content that appeals to both search engines and users alike. We are living in a digital world, there is no doubt about that. Improved smartphone capability and an increase in mobile search engine usability has meant that everyone can access information on anything from anywhere. Our developers’ optimized mobile SEO strategies have information about your business available 24/7.

    We service all of North America

  • Vision

    As a leader in the digital marketing domain, our vision is to cut through the clutter and make your voice heard. We’ve assembled the best of the best in creative designers and marketing professionals in the industry in order to grow your business’ social media presence, generate leads, increase revenue, reduce costs and give you back your most valuable asset – your time.

  • Values

    Social Hero Media is a content marketing agency built upon three pillars. Honesty, professionalism, and innovation are what put us at the forefront of the industry. We aren’t about smoke and mirrors, and we aren’t about overselling and underdelivering. We are about investing our heart and soul into growing your business because we are a family that takes care of its own.



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XM Radio Categories

Here are the main music categories that you can find on XM satellite radio broadcasts:
The Decades - songs from the 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, and 90s
Country – classic country hits are at home here, but you will also get a good share of new pop country and blue grass country.
Hits – this is for all hit lovers out there. Packed with Top 20 on Channel 20, the hits XM Radio channels also include some FM channels: KISS FM in LA or Houston's Pop FM station, KMIX. You also get MTV and VH1 stations and if you’re in the mood for some popular love songs you can tune into The Heart and Lite channel. Another interesting channel is Cinemagic, where you will be able to listen to all your favorite movie soundtracks without being bothered by commercials. There are also two Christian rock channels and a classic alternative channel.
Rock – XM Radio features 10 commercial free channels dedicated to rock:
* Deep Tracks: classic and contemporary hits
* Bone Yard and XM Liquid Metal: the first channel goes with classic hard rock while the XM Liquid Metal plays hardcore metal.
* Fred: there is a lot of classic alternative music, some 80s alternative rock and punk music
* Top Tracks: classic rock tracks
* Unsigned: unsigned bands
* XMU, XM Café, the Loft, XM Music Lab: soft rock, eclectic rock and any other rock type that doesn’t fit anywhere else
Urban – rap and hip hop, both modern and from the 80s.
Jazz & Blues – 6 channels altogether out of which four are commercial free
Dance – techno and trance music rules here, but you also get some disco music
Latin – 5 commercial free channels of Latin, Spanish and Mexican hits.
International Music – 5 channels of music from around the world. You might find these five channels a welcomed break from all the music you are used to. Fresh music from around the world is presented daily.
Classical – classical music from both famous and less renown classical musicians. You get the XM Pops, XM Classics, Vox and Fine Tuning. As you would expect, all 4 channels are commercial free.
Kids - Radio Disney and XM for Kids. Excellent programs that will keep your kid busy and happy for a long time.
News – you will get Fox News, CNN Headline News plus other TV related news channels. They feature XM commercials.
Sports – you will get channels like ESPN Radio, ESPN News, Fox Sports Radio, Sporting News, NASCAR Radio. These channels cover most of the important sporting events in the United States but you can also get international sports news here.
Comedy – both family oriented comedy stiles and uncensored comedy bits. These channels are commercial free, which is really enjoyable.
Talk & Variety – there are different talk channels and shows that are really engaging, such as E! Entertainment Radio, ABC News and Talk, Buzz XM, Ask channel, The Power and Family Talk. However, these channels have plenty of commercial time which is a bit of a disappointment from a paid subscription service.
Variation and content

These are the things both XM Radio and Sirius are after. With over 100 channels, each provider is able to identify and target all the important age and social groups in the United States. When it comes to music, there are extremely specialized channels on XM Radio, so the consumer knows exactly what kind of music they will run into on that particular channel. The kids channels are pretty good and the sports channels are also ok. If you like to get your news TV style, XM Radio’s choice of channels is also interesting. The fact that commercials are present is not that bothering, as they are only allowed to play 6 minutes of commercials per hour. However, some of the music channels are kept 100% commercial free, which is good news for music fans who do not want their audition to be interrupted by intrusive commercials.

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4735515360d3616b5b2827ba473beb9d rock music artists buy music

With the popularity of the Internet, many people are violating music copyright law and do not even know it. Music copyright law can be very tricky. There are multiple music copyrights that you must keep in mind – lyrics, composition and the recording of the music by an artist. Using someone’s music may involve you acquiring many different licenses such as mechanical, synchronization, performance and publishing licenses. Music copyright law has separate copyrights for the vocal or instrumental recordings of a composition or performance and the copyright of the written lyrics and music.

Standard music copyrighting practices usually entail that the writer of the song retains the rights to the right to the music composition which the studio that did the recording of the music holds the rights of the recording. Music copyright law can get very complicated. It can involve negotiations with the writers, producers, agents, heirs and more.

Many artists and studios are upset with the decline in music sales. They are attributing this decline to people who are violating music copyright law by downloading music on the Internet. Music files are under the same copyright law as music recordings and the owners of these copyrights are entitled to royalties or compensation for the music that people are illegally downloading on the Internet.

The simple fact is you are stealing if you make copies of copyrighted music recordings without authorization to do so. If people were sued for the music they have downloaded illegally, it could result in thousands of dollars. Music copyright law states that it is illegal to duplicate and distribute creative work. If you send someone an email with a song that you have illegally downloaded on the Internet, you could be in for some serious trouble. To put it bluntly and plainly, if you download (or upload) music that is copyrighted without permission to do so, you are breaking the law.

Many people violate music copyright law and do not even understand how their actions are criminal. If you purchase a music CD you can make a copy of it for yourself on your MP3. However, if you then use that recording and put it on your website or blog and make it available for everyone to download, you are performing an illegal act. Even if you join a site and pay a fee to download music you are in violation of music copyright law.

This may sound like something that would never come back to haunt you. After all, if you were caught, it would be a first time offense, right? Well, you should know that there have been first time offenders who have been fined up to $250,000 and up to five years in jail for violating music copyright law. It is so much easier to go out and pay 20 bucks for a CD.

Whether you are uploading music or downloading music, educate yourself on music copyright law. No one wants to ruin their financial future and face jail time. Enjoy music, just do it the right way!



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Discover How The History Of Music Will Make Your Music More Luminous

Discover How The History Of Music Will Make Your Music More Luminous

When I first started studying the history of music, I did not know what I was getting into. I had a notion that music history was somewhat of a trivial pursuit...

Honestly, I only followed my history of classical music course because I needed the credits. I am sure some of you out there can relate to that. I did not know how fully interesting music history could be. You see, in our culture many of us do not really study to comprehend music. For much of the world, music is a language, but for us it is a thing that we consumed passively.

When I started to study about the history of Western music, however, it changed all that for me. I have had some experience using musical instruments, but I have never mastered one enough to really comprehend what music is all about. This class showed me.

When a lot of us think about the history of music, it means the history of rock music. We presume that the history is plain because the music is plain. In fact, neither is the case. The history of music, whether you're talking about classical music, rock music, jazz music, or any other kind, is always complex. New chord structures are set up carrying with them new forms of understanding humanity. New rhythmic patterns are established, carrying with them new methods of understanding history. And music shows all of it.

History of music nowadays is even more interesting. Even when the class was ended, I could not stop learning about the history of music. It had stimulated my appetite, and I wanted more. I acquired all the music history volumes that I could discover. I even started to examine forms of music that had not interested me before in the hopes of improving my musical knowledge further. When I was in school studying toward a very different subject - a degree in engineering - I had thought about giving it up and going back to obtain a degree in musicology. That is how much I am fascinated by the subject.

If you have never taken a course in the history of music, you don't know what you are missing out on. You do not miss what you don't know about in a way but then again... Believe me the CDs will never sound the same to you again. Actually not only the Cds but any type of media you are or will be using to play your favorite music. The whole thing will seem much more rich, much more luminous, and much more important. A new song can reflect a new way of being, and a new way of imagining existence in the world. This is what learning about the history of music means to many of us. Just try it and you will see.

Listening to music now has a whole new meaning. You can imagine all the different types of musical patterns there are in the world. It make your musical mind really expand.

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Rock Stars, Music Icons, Alcohol, and Drug dose

Rock Stars, Music Icons, Alcohol, and Drug dose

There is an adage that rock and roll stars survive the sting and drive within the quick lane. guitar player|James Marshall Hendrix|guitarist|guitar player}, Elvis Aron Presley, Kurt Cobain of Nirvana, and archangel Hutchence of INXS did simply that. They were music icons United Nations agency lived on the sting. Sad to say, their fame and fortune conjointly junction rectifier to their untimely deaths. what is additional sinister is these stars die a couple of years once achieving fame. News of rock stars and different music icons dying young is sinister, as a result of their deaths area unit related to substance dose.

A recent study conducted in port John Moores University showed that one,050 yank and European artists or alleged “icons” died prior to average individuals. Of the a hundred stars that died from 1956 to 2005, majority of those yank “music icons” died at the age of forty two on the average, whereas those from Europe kicked the bucket at thirty five years mature. The reason? Unhealthy fashion, improper diet, dependence, and alcohol and drug abuse. additionally, a part of the quandary lives with the strain and anxiety related to fame.

According to the Journal of medicine and Community Health, drug and alcohol area unit the first causes of the many deaths of music stars, that accounted for one in each four deaths. Alcohol damages the body in many ways. It will have an effect on the brain and might cause poor coordination, faulty judgment, slowed reflexes, distorted vision, memory lapses, and blackouts. Alcohol will harm several organs within the body. it's absorbed directly within the blood and raises the chance of effort dangerous ailments like cancer. very high doses of alcohol will even cause alcohol poisoning, coma, or maybe death.

It is a incontrovertible fact that several celebrities and music personalities area unit concerned within the perennial and excessive use of medication and substances. High doses of the many extrajudicial medicine will cause immediate dangerous issues like attack, metabolism failure, and coma. the mixture of medication and alcohol area unit very dangerous. additionally, some medicine will have dangerous interactions with alcohol. The material body will solely handle such a lot of toxins right away, this is often the explanation why extrajudicial medicine mustn't be soft on alcohol. There area unit times that drug will with chemicals move with alcohol, once soft on alcohol it disperses quicker within the blood and become quicker. These area unit the explanations why alcohol and drug dose is one amongst the leading reason behind death among music icons and lots of people.

The number of rock stars United Nations agency died and area unit dying at a young age is reason behind alarm for society as a result of several artists area unit prestigious among kids and youth. they require to be like them—the rock gods. The youth adore them. They obtain their albums, watch their concerts, and even attempt to dress like them. loads youth wish to be like rock stars. they require fame, money, and different expensive  stuff. youth of these days wish to be rock stars quite anything. they require to sing loud songs, strum the guitars to supply loud music, and beat the drums real laborious. The youth wish to expertise the high spirits that these rock icons claim they feel whenever they are on stage. Sad to say, all the celebrity, fortune, and cash weren't able to modification the very fact that a lot of rock stars and music icons died early.

Jimi Hendrix, Elvis Aron Presley, Kurt Cobain, and archangel Hutchence What went wrong? Were they overpowered by fame that they lost management of reality and turned to medicine and different prohibited substances? it's clear that these rock stars weren't happy the least bit. Death in some ways in which build individuals additional attention-grabbing and renowned than they were still alive. However, dead rock stars area unit reminders of the pain and depression that will happen as aspect effects of fame.

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what is rock music

Rock, additionally known as rock and roll, rock & roll, or rock ’n’ roll, type of popular music genre that emerged within the Fifties.

It is definitely controversial that by the top of the twentieth century rock was the world’s dominant type of popular music genre. Originating within the us within the Fifties, it unfold to alternative communicatory countries and across Europe within the ’60s, and by the ’90s its impact was obvious globally (if in many various native guises). Rock’s industrial importance was by then mirrored within the organization of the transnational recording business, within the sales racks of international record retailers, and within the play list policies of music radio and tv. If other forms of music—classical, jazz, simple listening, country, folk, etc.—are marketed as minority interests, rock defines the musical thought. so over the second half of the twentieth century it became the foremost comprehensive of musical labels—everything are often “rocked”—and in consequence the toughest to outline. To answer the question, what's rock?, one initial must perceive wherever it came from and what created it potential. And to know rock’s cultural significance, one must perceive however it works socially likewise as musically.
What is rock?
The difficulty of definition

Dictionary definitions of rock area unit problematic, not least as a result of the term has totally different resonance in its British and yank usages (the latter is broader in compass). there's basic agreement that rock “is a type of music with a robust beat,” however it's tough to be far more specific. The Collins Cobuild English lexicon, supported a huge information of British usage, suggests that “rock may be a quite music with easy tunes and a really robust beat that's vie and sung, typically loudly, by atiny low cluster of individuals with electrical guitars and drums,” however there area unit numerous exceptions to the current description that it's much useless.

Legislators seeking to outline rock for regulative functions haven't done far better. The Canadian government outlined “rock and rock-oriented music” as “characterized by a robust beat, the employment of blues forms and therefore the presence of rock instruments like guitar, electrical bass, Hammond organ or electrical piano.” This assumes that rock are often marked far from alternative kinds of music formally, consistent with its sounds. In apply, though, the distinctions that matter for rock fans and musicians are philosophic. Rock was developed as a term to differentiate bound music-making associate degreed listening practices from those related to pop; what was relevant was less a sound than an perspective. In 1990 British legislators outlined pop as “all varieties of music characterised by a robust regular part and a reliance on electronic amplification for his or her performance.” This semiconductor diode to robust objections from the music business that such a definition didn't appreciate the clear social science distinction between pop (“instant singles-based music geared toward teenagers”) and rock (“album-based music for adults”). In pursuit of definitional clarity, the lawmakers misunderstood what created rock'n'roll matter.

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