Greetings, everyone, it's Andy Gesner, owner and president of HIP Video Promo! Over the last month, I've had the pleasure of speaking with some of the most incredible creatives on this crazy world torn asunder, but it's okay. They're reaching out because they want to know how they can keep their brand, their music, and their visuals in front of potential new viewers and listeners. Our eight-person team here at HIP Video Promo are all working remotely. I'm located at HIP HQ in the borough of South River, New Jersey, and the rest of my team - Rob, Mike, Kevin, Molly, Dom, and Melissa – are working from their respective homes. What are we working on? Well, if you're lucky enough to have a music video, this is the perfect time to release it. Now, you might be thinking, "well, how could this be the perfect time?" Well, number one, the folks I speak to each week, and that we present our cherished clients' visuals to, are starving for content. They want to know when more content is coming. What was a raging kitchen faucet three weeks ago has slowed to a trickle. Less competition means more potential exposure for you. That is combined with the fact that everybody is looking at their screens; they're pretty much over the current situation, and they're turning to entertainment as the prescription that they need to make them feel better. So, if you've got visual content, definitely consider reaching out to us here at HIP because we could potentially help you. Another important area to consider is Spotify. The numbers have been off the charts. People are going to Spotify in a big way. If you've got a great track and you're thinking about Spotify promotion, there's no better time to reach out to Andy at HIP. Another specialty of ours is social media marketing. Everybody's tuned in to their various online platforms, but you need content. Some of our clients are sending footage they've shot to us; we're preparing it with titling and sending it back for them to post. This way, they can keep their profiles up to date with fresh, new content while others have called it quits. All you need to do is call. I am in the office, and I'm not going anywhere! The number is 732-613-1779. If you'd like to email, the email is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Stay strong and healthy, and I look forward to hearing from you! Music video promotion


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