God loves YOU more than you could ever imagine...more than you could ever even hope for. His forgiveness is a gift He now gives to us. We could not save ourselves...not even close. God knew this and came into the world through the Lord Jesus the Christ to free us and save us....yes, that does indeed include YOU. He lived a perfect life, and therefore was the only one worthy enough to pay the death penalty for all of our many mistakes...yes, even yours. Then He rose again, in Power and Glory and authority over ALL things, to be your Lord, your Helper, Your Friend, with the assistance of his spirit residing inside of you....never alone again. He hears your smallest cries...and He has answered. He loves you! Words above Written by Wendy Wilson Schaub Song Sung by Bobby McIntyre Produced by Jared Salte Mixed by Phil Anderson Lyric Video by Lady Black Photography https://www.ladyblack.ca/contact

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