6 Characteristics of a Champions Mindset You Can Develop and Use Today

The word indomitable is one we should consider for a moment as we settle into this uncertain period of COVID quarantine.  For me, I rank it right up there with Relentless in terms of its power.  Derived from the Latin in, meaning not, and dominare, meaning to tame, it means just that — not able to be tamed.  That is the perfect way to think about conducting yourself during a period of being cloistered in business.

“Gold Medals are not really made of gold.  They are made of sweat, determination and…guts.”

Dan Gable

Today, let’s highlight the importance of mental toughness.  It is time we are all reminded to get our head on straight and build the type of spirit that is unbeatable.  Let us all spend this time developing the heart, the mind and the unquenchable drive of a champion.

In an effort to achieve our goals, we will always struggle with the unexpected, the unwanted and the uncontrollable aspects of the environment in which we operate.  This was as true in March of 2019 as it is today, even though we didn’t face a global pandemic last year.  Your ability to overcome these seemingly indomitable obstacles will earn you recognition, it will earn you hard fought results and it will earn you sweat tested rewards.

Having an indomitable spirit means you have the will and the mental toughness incapable of being overcome, subdued or vanquished.  In short, it means you will not be conquered, no matter the conditions you find yourself in or the circumstances foisted upon you.

Developing and maintaining an indomitable spirit means you display the ability to be consistent and sustain peak performance during adversity, setback and when facing those unforeseen obstacles.  This indomitable spirit will allow you to deliver on your goals and responsibilities with maximum effect.

Ups and downs in performance are often traceable to psychological ups and downs.  Therefor, high performers work to create the proper mental environment and an indomitable spirit that allows them to consistently perform at the highest levels possible.

Maintaining an indomitable spirit is a learned skill.  It is not inherited and must be crafted and maintained by routine practice.  Yes, you can build the heart and mind of a champion.  You have the responsibility to do so, and especially in periods like this.  So much and so many depend on it.

The ultimate measure of an indomitable spirit is consistency.  Your ability to rise to every challenge, to bulldoze your way through every setback and confront the opposition head on, and prevail, is the true litmus test.

It really is simple.  We will either routinely rise to the mental demands and physical rigors of challenges or we will succumb to them.  And because every victory begins in the mind, all challenges are vanquished first between the ears.

This is why mental toughness is a key to all success and will be essential to you emerging on the other side of the COVID Crisis better and stronger than before.  So, let’s examine the characteristics of an indomitable spirit:

1.     Unconquerable – you will not allow yourself to be beaten, vanquished or overcome.  You will pursue every goal with the belief and unquenchable  conviction they will be achieved, no matter the obstacles.  You will have victory.

2.     Invulnerable – remain immune to mental attack.  Train your mind to be mentally impregnable.  Self doubt and negativity are non-existent in someone who has an indomitable spirit.

3.     Self-confident – you have a healthy belief in your abilities.  You respect yourself and others.  You have a rock-solid personal constitution.  You project a calm, focused,  no-nonsense attitude when it comes to setting goals and getting results.

4.     Initiative – you are always proactive.  You have the motivation and energy to endure.  You make sacrifices.  You know what must be done, and you take the appropriate action to ensure success without compromise.

5.     Focus – you must center yourself and design where you spend your efforts.  Master negative emotions like fear, anger, envy and frustration, so prevalent in times like these.  Increase mental awareness to stay focused, powerful, positive and purposeful so that you may deliver consistent results and be a support to others.

6.     Control – having an indomitable spirit means tuning your body’s software to control the hardware.  It works.  Whether climbing Everest, presenting to a ZOOM or Teams room full of people, or leading a friend or family member up from distress, those who develop an intense, well crafted spirit have within them the near super human ability to achieve anything they set their mind to….Your indomitable spirit focuses you efforts, trains your habits, and conditions your life for achievement.


  1. Form an indomitable spirit that will not be denied, will  not be slowed down, will not be spooked and will not be overcome in any way.
  2. Build the mindset of a champion.
  3. Face all obstacles with confidence.
  4. View setbacks as small inconveniences and take the lesson from them that must be learned.
  5. Move forward with an unconquerable, unquenchable, invincible, indomitable spirit.

There is something within you that will not be denied. There is a spirit that is untouched by assault. Find that place, bring it forward, and victory is yours.

Scott Rivers is the Managing Director of Cerca Talent+, a talent agency for the Diagnostic and Life Science Industries. Scott’s recruiting experience extends into the areas of Diagnostics, Life Sciences, Oncology and Genetics. His team manages recruitment for all levels within the commercial area of these businesses. 

As a leader who has worked at all levels of commercial, medical sales and global marketing, Scott os am intense professional who works with organizations to fine tune talent branding. If you are a leader looking to expand your team with professionals who are focused on delivering work in which they take pride, and you can be proud of, ever day, then Scott would be privileged to help you in the process. Having been a professional in the fields where you focus, Scott knows the ins and outs of the companies, the business and the customers you are working to come alongside. 

Cerca Talent+ is a full service Executive Search Firm with a strategic focus in the the areas of Clinical Diagnostics, Molecular Diagnostics and Oncology, Genomic and Genetic Medicine. Our clients choose to work with Cerca because of our deep understanding of the industries we serve. They continue to work with us based on our extensive market knowledge, vast connections and quality of results. 

That’s a good match for any company. Partner with the group that can talk shop and gain rapport with the pros who will lead your business into the future. Email Scott Rivers today at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or call direct at 201-594-2101, and we will begin the process of finding you Allstars that help you set records.

adapted from Gary Ryan Blair

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