Indie Star Radio streaming here.

You will hear music playing once you come to my Bobby McIntyre site. I just want to let you know that this is my Indie Star Radio station streaming other people's music.  If you do not want to hear the radio station,  just hit the little pause button in the upper left part of this page. To hear a few of MY tunes, just click the sound cloud player that is placed on this front page or click this pic below to go straight to my Itunes page so you can demo some of my songs. Thank you and God bless.

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"Bobby Mcintyre" Featured on The Music Gateway

 Monday, March 10, 2014 Hot New Independent Music Artists 2014 The music business has changed. And so has the independent artist approach. I am highlighting a few of them here today because they are some of the hardest working independent artists in the business. They all have CD's and music on iTunes and more! So let's get right to it. Bobby McIntyre The voice. Enough said! But I will continue. Great songs, amazing talent and not only helps other artists with his social media skills, but also has worked himself to a successful frenzy that is spreading his talent across the globe. His music and voice are infectious and is heard all over the world. Check him out for yourself at: REVERBNATION, FACEBOOK, ITUNES and his OFFICIAL ARTIST SITE. All the best to you Bobby!

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"Bobby Mcintyre" has some more cool websites to check out his music, photos and videos



If you have not heard "Bobby Mcintyre's New Song "I'll Be Your Hero" then you gotta take a listen in the "Soundcloud" player above.





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Marina Star at "Indie Star Music"


You can Find "Marina Star" At Bobby Mcintyre's Very cool Website "Indie Star Music"

and "Indie Star Radio" Bobby Features great artists from all over the world on both of these websites.

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Check out Indie Star Radio

“Indie Star Radio” Playing Great Music In Every Genre World wide.

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I love helping great artists and bands out, that is why I am now streaming music on my website to support indie artists and bands from all over the world.
I will share whoever is playing on my site with thousands of fans and hopefully get your great music out there more.
Every genre is accepted, however I will not play music that is racist or has to many  words that may be offensive to others.



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"Bobby Mcintyre" New Album "The One" Now On iTunes

Bobby McIntyre has put himself in an Elite Class with his Debut Album The One! Passionate Strong Vocals, Inspiring Songwriting, and well crafted songs are just a few of the highlights of his album The ONE.. This is just the beginning of his Legacy and I look forward to hearing more from this Future SUPERSTAR!!

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