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Hoping everybody is having a fantastic weekend, I Will be headed into the studio very soon to finish Christmas Album and to also finish a few singles.

Going to be throwing a bit of a twist with some of these songs and I am very excited to share them with you. We have shared a few songs with the insiders and

the response was very very good so I can't wait for this release:)



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Music News-singing star Bobby McIntyre

Music News-from pop star Bobby McIntyre

You can hear some of my tunes on Reverbnation and soundcloud if you want to hear my voice and songs and see what im all about.

Feel free to follow me on my many socialmedia sites as well, however the best place to get a response from me is on my facebook fanpage, by leaving a comment on one of my current posts:)

Looking forward to hearing from you all and can not wait to meet you.


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country music news and country music stars

I am so excited to let you all know that country music weekly and country music weekly canada are doing amazing!  I have some amazing plans with these media sites I own, and most of those plans

revolve around helping other great musicians and bands world wide.  Some of the other sites I own are Rock Music Weekly , Live Music Nation

Music Weekly News   Canada Weekly  World of Movies.  I however own many more media sites that I have not menioned above, the plan is simple, bring millions to my sites so I can help millions of great people, nothing more nothing less.

So I urge all of you to stay tuned to  Bobby McIntyre official and watch me accoumplish these Dreams of mine, cause its already starting to happen and its going to be as amazing joyful ride.

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Leave it to a singer from Canada to best sum up America’s car culture. In his high-octane new single “Kids With Cars,” arena-voiced country artist Dallas Smith takes a nostalgic spin through the days when having four wheels was all that mattered.

“It takes you back to the first car you ever owned in high school, to when you hung out in the parking lot,” Dallas says. “You had your little group of Civics and imports over here, and you had the guys with the classic cars over there. And then there were the girls with the brand-new Mustangs. All of the different social groups were based upon what you drove.”

For Dallas, he experienced those car cliques growing up in Vancouver, British Columbia, where he eventually turned the key on what would become a hugely successful recording and touring career. As the lead singer of the multi-platinum rock group Default, he entertained hundreds of thousands of fans around the world, leading epic sing-alongs of the band’s monster hit “Wasting My Time.” Eventually setting out on his own as a solo artist, Dallas dominated the Canadian country charts with songs like “Lifted,” “Tippin’ Point” and the multi-week #1 hit “Wastin’ Gas.”

Raised on the music of such country megastars as Garth Brooks, Alan Jackson, Brooks & Dunn and Reba McEntire, Dallas knew his path would ultimately lead him to Nashville. Especially when he discovered later, through Keith Urban and Rascal Flatts, that he could fuse his affection for guitar-driven rock with country storytelling.

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