If you have not heard "Bobby Mcintyre's New Song "I'll Be Your Hero" then you gotta take a listen in the "Soundcloud" player above.





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Bobby McIntyre has put himself in an Elite Class with his Debut Album The One! Passionate Strong Vocals, Inspiring Songwriting, and well crafted songs are just a few of the highlights of his album The ONE.. This is just the beginning of his Legacy and I look forward to hearing more from this Future SUPERSTAR!!

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I just started Streaming music for great Indie artists all over the world from every genre of music world wide. I love helping other great talents out there and plan to promote my site to thousands of people all over the world.  Right now I am only streaming music but plan to broadcast live soon.  If any of you great artists out there want to have your music played on my site, please private message me at http://bobbymcintyre.wordpress.com/Thank you so much.

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  What a fantastic time for Bobby McIntyre. In the month of November not only did he become #1 in country music on the reverbnation charts, he was #1 in Singer/Songwriter and Christian/rock and his Singer/Songwriter page made it to #1 All genres of music globally on the reverbnation charts out of 2.4 million Bands and artists. His song I'll be Your Hero scored an 8.5 crowd pro radio review which also landed him as a feature artist on the Reverbnations home page for 1 week in November.  We are also happy to announce that Bobby's debut  album "The One" is now available to purchase on iTunes and CD Baby.

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We are pleased to announce the release of Bobby McIntyres Debut album "The One"

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